Ionic Tutorial

Ionic is a hybrid HTML5 mobile app framework. It’s used for both mobile and web apps. In this article, we will cover how to install ionic on your system either its window system or Linux system.
1) Install Ionic

Before installing ionic you need to install two main things on your system. If it did not install yet you can install it by the below guideline. Make sure if your system is Mac or Linux then you can use sudo before all the command but as I am working on a window, in that case, you don’t need to add sudo
1) Node (you can download it by this link Download Nodejs)
2) NPM (Install NPM globally on your system by below command)

//For window system
npm install npm -g

//For Linux or Mac system
// you need to add the password after hit the below command 
sudo npm install npm -g

After installing this you need to check this with the below command. Open a new command line window and type the below command

node -v
npm -v

You will get the response like below image

Now your system is ready for installation of ionic
1) Type the below command then Enter

npm install -g cordova ionic --unsafe-perm quickscrape


sudo npm install -g ionic --unsafe-perm node-sass

Ionic is installed on your system. you should start to create the project

ionic start myApp blank


On: 04-19-2020